Cup Game against Die Chiller

The DC Heier Ducks travelled to Siegburg on the 27th June to take on fellow B-Liga team "Die Chiller". The team consisted this evening of Biaggio, Marcel, Nico, Andreas, Kai and John. Jürgen was re-covering from Man Flu at home, get well soon.

Travelling in 2 cars, the car with Biaggio, Marcel, Nico and John arrived at the location to hear that Kai had a blow out on the way to the location, Andreas and Kai were safe thankfully. They would change the tyre and carry on to the game (more information see Humor ist...).

The location is small and compact, with loud music and TVs on the wall. They have 2 dart automats and on the other machine was a league game between DC Die Dinos (who we beat in the first round of the cup) and Red Scorpions (who we played against in our C-liga days).

The game began with the Biaggio, Marcel, Nico and John as the 4 man team, Marcel was the first to play and began with a win, however the next 5 games did not go very well as they were all lost.

When it was time for the first double games we were behind 5 – 1 and not looking great for us.  Marcel and John then won the first double and the 2nd point of the evening, however Biaggio and Nico lost the second doubles game.

During this time we had some visitors from our dart friends Achim and Iris from Jot Drop and Steffen Euler from the Crazy Devils, it was also nice to see Andreas and Kai arrive safely.

The next single games began with Andreas and Kai coming into the team for Nico and John.  Could the DC Heier Ducks begin a fightback???  The current score was 6 -2,  up next was the captain Biaggio, won his game 6 -3, then came Marcel, he won the score 6 – 4, Biaggio again and he won 6 – 5,  Andreas playing his first game and eventually won the score now was level at 6 – 6.  The fightback was looking good.

The last single game was played by Marcel who won the score was now 6 – 7 for the Heier Ducks.  One point was needed for the fightback to be complete and the game to be won.

It was now time for the last 2 double games, the tension was high for both teams and the first double was played by Andreas and Kai, who fought hard but lost a close game and the score was once again tied at 7 – 7.

The DC Heier Ducks are used to close matches recently as we seem to enjoy the suspense and playing sudden death games.  The last double was to be played by Marcel and Biaggio, what seemed like hours the game was won and the fightback was complete, the Heier Ducks had won an incredible game 8 – 7 and progress to the next round.

The team spirit and togetherness was awesome and in the end deserved to win this game.  Congratulations to our opponents who put up a great fight.

The trip home was interesting with Nico, Biaggio and Marcel screaming “GEWONNEN” at everybody who we passed – I am sure scaring a few of the ladies when doing it LOL.

Until the next game, JR signing off.